Monday, June 7, 2010

Dear Katie Chapter I

So I'm kinda tired of drawing and still with no job in hand I have way too much free time. I found this thing I wrote for Communication class. Reading it again I'd want to continue it as summer project number 2. stay tone for cha II.

pardon the shitty spelling/grammar.

Chapter I

Dear Katie,

Today, I had yet again dreamed about that haunting nightmare, but it got a bit stranger. I started in a middle of a massive foggy forest, with only about two meters of vision. There was nothing in sight except for a few silhouetted tree trunks I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could. The limited vision and lack of sound was making me feel uneasy. For a few minutes I’ve seemed to be getting nowhere. I’d looked down and found my legs were made of scrapped metal. Trying to stay calm, I tried to move it manually, but my strength was not nearly enough to make it budge. I looked around my oddly formed legs, hoping to find a trigger to get it mobile. Then on my right thigh I found a fist sized red key. I grabbed the key and turned it with no hesitation.

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